November 16, 2008


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November 3, 2008

SAP Methodology (ASAP) Used for Project Management Optimization

The ASAP solution was developed to ensure the successful, on-time delivery of a project. SAP delivers the AcceleratedSAP (ASAP) methodology for project management and system implementation.
Developed by SAP to optimize the success of implementing the SAP Business Suite, ASAP streamlines the implementation by providing templates, methods, tools, and accelerators that have been built on the success of thousands of previous SAP implementations.

The ASAP methodology adheres to a specific road map that addresses the following five general phases:

1. Project Preparation, in which the project team is identified and mobilized, the project standards are defined, and the project work environment is set up;

2. Blueprint, in which the business processes are defined and the business blueprint document is designed;

3. Realization, in which the system is configured, knowledge transfer occurs, extensive unit testing is completed, and data mappings and data requirements for migration are defined;

4. Final Preparation, in which final integration testing, stress testing, and conversion testing are conducted, and all end users are trained; and

5. Go-Live and Support, in which the data is migrated from the legacy systems, the new system is activated, and post-implementation support is provided.

ASAP incorporates standard design templates and accelerators covering every functional area within the system, as well as supporting all implementation processes. Complementing the ASAP accelerators, the project manager can create a comprehensive project plan, covering the overall project, project staffing plan, and each sub-process such as system testing, communication and data migration. Milestones are set for every work path, and progress is carefully tracked by the project management team.

Effective Communication

Weekly update meetings ensure full communication between the project team, the client project team, and project management. These meeting are used not only to update on project status, but also to identify any issues or risk areas that may threaten the project. By identifying these problems early, they are more easily mitigated and resolved, reducing their impact on the project timeline.

Ensuring Quality and Mitigating Risk

Project quality is verified near the completion of each project phase. Using existing ASAP checklists, these quality checks ensure that all tasks for the phase have been completed properly, that all relevant documentation has been kept, and that all tasks required to commence the next phase of the project have been completed.

In addition to the specific project team, companies may use Quality Assurance reviews on all of its projects to ensure that experience gained on other projects has been taken into account and that the optimum system design has been utilized.

August 16, 2008

Jangan Kirim Uang Antar Bank Melalui ATM Bank Permata

Judul tulisan diatas saya tulis bukan bermaksud untuk menakut-nakuti anda agar menghindari bertransaksi di ATM, tapi ini merupakan pengalaman saya sendiri yang sudah dikecewakan dari fasilitas transfer antar bank melalui ATM bank Permata.
Kejadiannya adalah mesin ATM  memberikan respon bahwa telah terjadi gagal transfer atas transaksi yang saya lakukan, dan apabila saya cetak mutasi transaksi akan terlihat bahwa rekening saya di-debet sebesar nilai yang akan saya transfer tersebut.
Mungkin kalau kejadian tersebut baru pertama kali, saya masih bisa menahan diri untuk tidak memposting ke blog ini, tapi karena sudah untuk yang ketiga kalinya, rasanya lebih baik berita ini menjadi perhatian kita untuk lebih waspada.
Pihak bank Permata beranggapan bahwa kejadian tersebut merupakan kejadian biasa, terlihat dari 3 kali transakasi yang saya lakukan, dimana :
 - Customer service bank Permata selalu memberikan tanggapan klise yang mengatakan tidak ada petugas yang bisa membantu nasabah karena diluar jam kantor, malam hari atau transaksi dilakukan pada hari libur.
 - Pihak bank Permata tidak mau memberikan pernyataan maaf kepada pemilik rekening tujuan yang akan saya transfer dananya, hal ini sangat penting karena pemilik rekening tujuan beranggapan saya yang memperlambat pengiriman uang tsb, dimana proses untuk pengembalian dana dijanjikan maksimal 14 hari kerja.
 - Pihak bank Permata tidak takut kejadian tesebut terulang kembali dan nasabah akan mempublikasikannya ke media masa.

Untuk anda yang merasa menggunakan fasilitas transfer antar bank itu mudah, nyaman dan cepat sampai, hati-hati bila menggunakan ATM bank Permata, karena bisa jadi anda akan kerepotan dibuatnya.

Waspadalah.... waspadalah....


July 24, 2008

Google takes aim at Wikipedia with paid alternative

'Knol' will allow amateurs to write articles on their specialist subjects - and take a share of advertising revenues

Google hopes to knock Wikipedia off its perch as the pre-eminent "community encyclopaedia" by releasing its own compendium of articles about every possible topic.

The search giant today released Knol, a service which encourages any user to write articles as an "expert" on any subject - from fly-fishing to Byzantine architecture or even how to install a sink.

There is no vetting process, although readers can rate articles - as they can rank stories on the "social news" service Digg. Authors can also elect to have advertising on their articles, and share in the revenue from the adverts, which will be placed by Google's ad-serving platform, AdSense.

Unlike Wikipedia, readers will not be free to edit articles, though the ranking system will mean that those 'knols' which are popular will fare better in searches conducted on the Knol home page. Knol entries will also appear in regular Google searches, but their ranking will be determined in the usual way - according to how many other web pages link to them.

A source close to Google said the service was not designed to be a Wikipedia-killer. A better way to think of it would be as a platform for pages more like blogs, the source said, but instead of being updated all the time, the entries were a chance for publishers to share their expertise.

Internet experts said the service was unlikely to compete with Wikipedia - which now contains more than seven million articles in 200 languages - because it would be a platform for opinion, rather than factual content.

Whereas on Wikipedia, multiple anonymous writers help to create a single entry on dinosaurs, say, on Knol, several "dinosaur experts" could each contribute an entry and vie to create the most popular dinosaur page, entitling them to a greater share of dinosaur-related advertising revenue.

Knol is, however, likely to attract some users from similar services such as Squidoo, which has the slogan "Everyone's an expert on something" and is visited by six million people a month, and Videojug, a similarly themed service based on video content, which has two million visitors.

"There's a lot of competition in this area, because there's generally a lot of interest in creating content - we've seen that with blogging," Rebecca Jennings, an analyst with Forrester, said. "Knol is unlikely to be a Wikipedia killer, though, because it uses very different tools, but it will appeal to people who are passionate about a topic and want to get their opinions out there."

Ms Jennings added that the service may ultimately be of greater interest to publishers keen to make money from their articles, because they would not be forced to pay what was effectively a "middle man" fee to competing share-your-expertise sites, many of which rely on Google's Ad Sense program to place their adverts.

Wikipedia, which has more than 250 million visitors a month, according to comScore, is run by a charity and has never accepted advertising.

Wikipedia has grown rapidly to become the most popular encyclopaedia on the web, and is often cited as a reference, but of late it has been challenged by those who oppose the growing power of "amateur experts".

In September last year, one of Wikipedia's co-founders, Larry Sanger launched a rival service called Citizendium, which will solicit material from the public but will be edited by experts.

The idea that "open collaborative projects" could replace the work of professional individuals was "an extraordinary popular delusion," one of Citizendium's backers said.

-Separately, Google was today reported to be in final negotiations to buy Digg, the social news service, for about $200 million.

According to a report on TechCrunch, the influential technology blog, the companies have reportedly signed a letter of intent that would make Digg part of Google News, a service that aggregates various news sources by topic area.

Digg, a Silicon Valley company, helped pioneer a social ranking system for news, where stories achieved higher prominence on the Digg site the more people voted for them.

Google declined to comment on the report.

source from : TimesOnline

July 19, 2008

Business Process Management - An Introduction

Business Process Management (BPM) is a systematic approach to improving a company's business process.
It is the first technology that fosters ongoing collaboration between IT and business users to jointly build applications that effectively integrate people, process and information
BPM gives an organisation the ability to define, execute, manage and refine process that :
- Involve human interaction, such as placing order
- work with multiple applications
- handle dynamic process rules and change , not just static flows

The basic component of BPM :
- Process Modelling
- Web and system integration technologies
- Business activities monitoring, which gives reports on exactly how and how well the business process and flow are working

The BPM platform should provides tools for :
- Business Analyst to model and change the product-return processes and define the business rules that control how those processes behave
- IT to integrate the necessary legacy systems
- Joint Teams to build applications for the end user that enforce the process and rules
- Management to review process performance and event adjust process parameters in real-time

source from : CIO Asia

Business Intelligence - An Introduction

Business Intelligence (BI) is an umbrella term that refers to a variety of software application used to analyse an organisation's raw data.
BI as a discipline is made up of several related activities, including data mining, online analytical processing, querying and reporting.
Business Intelligence has been used to identify cost-cutting ideas, uncover business opportunitines, roll ERP data into accessible reports, react quickly to retail demand and optimise prices.
Besides making data accessible, BI software can give companies more leverage during negotiations by making it easier to quantify the value of relationships with suppliers and customers.
Within the walls of the enterprise, there are plenty of opportunities to save money by optimising business process and focusing decisions.
BI yields significant ROI when it sheds light on business bloopers.

Some reasons make BI project failed :
- User resistance is one big barrier to BI success
- Standard data which is the most fundamental componentof any BI endeavour
- BI tools that should be more scalable & user freindly than they used to be.
- The companies do not understand their business process well enough to detirmine how to improve them

BI is about more than decision support. It now has the potential to transform organisations. CIOs who successfully use BI to improve business process contribute to their organisations in more far-reaching ways than by implementing basic reporting tools.

More tips for getting Business Inteligence right :
- Analyse how executive make decisions
- Consider what information executives need in order to fasilitate quick,acurate decisions.
- Pay attentaion to data quality
- Devise performance metrics thatare most relevant to the business
- Provide the context that influences performance metrics

source from : CIO Asia

July 16, 2008

Booking Service AstraWorld - Mudah, Praktis dan Hemat Waktu

Kini, proses perawatan mobil di bengkel AUTO2000 menjadi lebih mudah, praktis dan hemat waktu. Pemilik mobil Toyota yang akan melakukan servis berkala di bengkel AUTO2000 dapat memanfaatkan layanan booking service AstraWorld.

Berikut keuntungan memanfaatkan booking service AstraWorld untuk servis berkala di bengkel AUTO2000:

- proses reservasi menjadi lebih mudah dan hemat waktu

- mendapat prioritas layanan servis- jaminan ketersediaan suku cadang

- adanya kepastian waktu servis- diskon 10%

Demi kenyamanan dan jaminan kualitas servis, lakukan booking service melalui nomor akses nasional CALL AstraWorld 89 898 (dari ponsel) atau 500 898 (dari fixed line/PSTN). Lakukan pemesanan selambat-lambatnya 2 hari sebelum hari kedatangan di bengkel dan datanglah minimal 15 menit sebelum waktu yang telah disepakati.

Dapatkan point rewards sebesar 5% dari nilai transaksi jika pembayaran menggunakan kartu kredit AstraWorld BCA Card.
Informasi lebih lanjut dan proses booking service AstraWorld, silakan hubungi nomor akses nasional CALL AstraWorld 89 898 (dari ponsel) atau 500 898 (dari fixed line/PSTN).

source from : Astraworld

How To Make Money From Blogging

Alot of people tried to find ways on how to make a living thru blogging, and sad to say that not many of them manage to make it. Reason begin that blogging for money is not something that happens over night. It is not something that one can succed without hard work and most of all patiences.

Some blog for the joy of blogging, while other blog because of money. I’ve noticed that Wordpress user tend to blog for money while a high percentage of Blogspot user blog for the joy of blogging. If you have a steady flow of traffic, there is no harm in making some money from blogging.

Three reasons why one can’t make a living from blogging:

1. Lack of patience - Blogging is not a lottery, you don’t get rich overnight. Give yourself a time frame of one year.

2. Blog Topic - Having the right topic is the key to success, and if you got thousand of visitors per day and you blog mosly about you life, chances are you’re not going to make money from adsense. Choose the right topic, blog about things that you like and things that you got a wide knowledge about. Choosing the right topic means you’re unlikely running out of things to write about.

3. Domain Names and Hosting - This is the most important factor in blogging for money rules. You may have good articles and lots of readers, but without a good search engine ranking, your chances of getting hits are hopeless, it doesn’t matter what blogging platform you are using, be it Wordpress, Movable Type or Blogger, you need your very own domain name and hosting. Google tend to rank websites with their own domain names higher than those without. Remember, visibility in search engine is the key to success.

It doesn’t matter if you make money out of blogging, the most important thing is that you enjoy blogging, and when you do something you like the most, you’ll succeed in life.

July 13, 2008

Pesan Moral Film "Kung Fu Panda"

Po , si Panda jantan, yang sehari-hari bekerja di toko mie ayahnya, memiliki impian untuk menjadi seorang pendekar Kung Fu. Tak disangka, dalam pemilihan Pendekar Naga, Po dinobatkan sebagai Pendekar Naga yangdinanti- nantikan kehadirannya untuk melindungi desa dari balas dendam Tai Lung.

Saat menonton film animasi ini, kita seperti diingatkan tentang beberapa hal:

1. The secret to be special is you have to believe you're special.
Po hampir putus asa karena tidak mampu memecahkan rahasia Kitab Naga, yang hanya berupa lembaran kosong. Wejangan dari ayahnya-lah yang akhirnya membuatnya kembali bersemangat dan memandang positif dirinya sendiri. Kalau kita berpikir diri kita adalah spesial, unik, berharga kita pun akan punya daya dorong untuk melakukan hal-hal yang spesial.

2. Teruslah kejar impianmu.
Po , panda gemuk yang untuk bergerak saja susah akhirnya bisa menguasai ilmu Kung Fu. Berapa banyak dari kita yang akhirnya menyerah, gagal mencapai impian karena terhalang oleh pikiran negatif diri kita sendiri? Seperti kata Master Oogway, kemarin adalah sejarah, esok adalah misteri, saat ini adalah anugerah, makanya disebut Present hadiah. Jangan biarkan diri kita dihalangi oleh kegagalan masa lalu dan ketakutan masa depan. Ayo berjuanglah di masa sekarang yang telah dianugerahkan Tuhan padamu.

3. Kamu tidak akan bisa mengembangkan orang lain, sebelum kamu percaya dengan kemampuan orang itu, dan kemampuan dirimu sendiri.
Master ShiFu ogah-ogahan melatih Po. Ia memandang Po tidak berbakat. Kalaupun Po bisa, mana mungkin ia melatih Po dalam waktu sekejap. Kondisi ini berbalik seratus delapan puluh derajat, setelah ShiFu diyakinkan Master Oogway -gurunya- bahwa Po sungguh-sungguh adalah Pendekar Naga dan Shi Fu satu-satunya orang yang mampu melatihnya.

Sebagai guru atau orang tua, hal yang paling harus dihindari adalah memberi label bahwa anak ini tidak punya peluang untuk berubah. Sangatlah mudah bagi kita untuk menganggap orang lain tidak punya masa depan. Kesulitan juga acap kali membuat kita kehilangan percaya diri, bahwa kita masih mampu untuk membimbing mereka.
Kita akan bisa, kalau kita berpikir kita bisa. Seperti kata Master Oogway, You just need to believe

4.Tiap individu belajar dengan cara dan motivasinya sendiri.
Shi Fu akhirnya menemukan bahwa Po baru termotivasi dan bisa mengeluarkan semua kemampuannya, bila terkait dengan makanan. Po tidak bisa menjalani latihan seperti 5 murid jagoannya yang lain.

Demikian juga dengan setiap anak. Kita ingat ada 3 gaya belajar yang kombinasi ketiganya membuat setiap orang punya gaya belajar yang unik. Hal yang menjadi motivasi tiap orang juga berbeda-beda. Ketika kita memaksakan keseragaman proses belajar, dipastikan akan ada anak-anak yang dirugikan.

5. Kebanggaan berlebihan atas anak/murid/diri sendiri bisa membutakan mata kita tentang kondisi sebenarnya, bahkan bisa membawa mereka ke arah yang salah.
Master ShiFu sangat menyayangi Tai Lung, seekor macan tutul, murid pertamanya, yang ia asuh sejak bayi. Ia membentuk Tai Lung sedemikian rupa agar sesuai dengan harapannya. Memberikan impian bahwa Tai Lung
akan menjadi Pendekar Naga yang mewarisi ilmu tertinggi. Sayangnya Shi Fu tidak melihat sisi jahat dari Tai Lung dan harus membayar mahal, bahkan nyaris kehilangan nyawanya.

Seringkali kita memiliki image yang keliru tentang diri sendiri/anak/ murid kita. Parahnya, ada pula yang dengan sengaja
mempertebal tembok kebohongan ini dengan hanya mau mendengar informasi dan konfirmasi dari orang-orang tertentu. Baru-baru ini saya bertemu seorang ibu yang selama 14 tahun masih sibuk membohongi diri bahwa anaknya tidak autis. Ia lebih senang berkonsultasi dengan orang yang tidak ahli di bidang autistik. Mendeskreditkan pandangan
ahli-ahli di bidang autistik. Dengan sengaja memilih terapis yang tidak kompeten, agar bisa disetir sesuai keinginannya. Akibatnya proses terapi 11 tahun tidak membuahkan hasil yang signifikan. Ketika kita punya image yang keliru, kita akan melangkah ke arah yang keliru.

6. Hidup memang penuh kepahitan, tapi jangan biarkan kepahitan tinggal dalam hatimu.
Setelah dikhianati oleh Tai Lung, Shi Fu tidak pernah lagi menunjukkan kebanggaan dan kasih sayang pada murid-muridnya. Sisi terburuk dari kepahitan adalah kita tidak bisa merasakan kasih sayang dan tidak bisa berbagi kasih sayang.

7. Keluarga sangatlah penting.
Di saat merasa terpuruk, Po disambut hangat oleh sang ayah. Berkat ayahnya pula Po dapat memecahkan rahasia Kitab Naga dan menjadi Pendekar nomor satu. Sudahkah kita memberi dukungan pada anggota keluarga kita?

Have a nice day!

Source from: Unknown

July 12, 2008

Belkin Laptop Accessories Keep Your Lap Cool During Marathon Internet Surfing Sessions

Belkin has unveiled several solutions that'll help keep laptop people like me from burning our tender flesh. Come this October, the bunch of us that adamantly refuse to work from an actual desk can choose between the $64.99 CushTop Hideaway, which doubles as a laptop storage case, or the $39.99 Laptop Cooling Lounge, which uses a fan to divert heat from the body. Having used the smell of searing leg meat as a sign that I've been tethered to my computer too long, I guess I'll now have to find other ways to convince myself to get off the couch. [Belkin via Notcot]

Source from: Gizmodo